Friday, October 05, 2012

Of Lies and Pundits

No more photos Mitt Romney on this blog. This time it's the Jain Temple in Ranakpur, India with carvings of the Kama Sutra
I taped Tuesday night's debate hoping to catch it later but from the bits and pieces I saw, I'd rather not.  It seemed obvious President Obama wanted to be somewhere else like celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife Michelle.  Republican candidate Mitt Romney had to put on the performance of his life to stay in the race and he did.

Although the mainstream media (aka the liberal media) declared Romney the winner, I think this declaration deserves more scrutiny.  President Obama was clearly off his game but the lies and fabrications Romney was spouting were absolutely deplorable.  The problem with Romney is you never know which one of his multiple personalities will show up. The man has more positions than the kama sutra.

The Mitt Romney at Tuesday night's debate contradicted himself, lied about his policies and browbeat the 'moderator' Jim Lehrer. Sadly, Obama did not challenge any of Romney's ridiculous assertions.  How can you promise to repeal Obamacare the first day you are in office and then say you are going to keep key pieces of the legislation in place? How's that? How can you claim that your tax cuts will not add to the federal deficit? Claiming to do the impossible while looking and acting presidential does not make it true or win debates in my book. For other lies Mitt told, check here.

Conservative pundits and critics are now embracing the polls that show a surge in Romney's numbers even though they disavowed the same polls that showed him trailing Obama last week.  According to this bunch, those polls were a fabrication of the liberal media but now that things are going their way, they are embracing the same poll numbers. No surprise here, polls are only convenient to Republicans when it shows the numbers they like.  Just like the nation's unemployment numbers dropped below 8% last month for the first time in three years and already there is a cacophony of Republicans claiming that the numbers are fixed. Of course President Obama cooked the books to improve his chances of reelection. He had to have had that up his sleeve since he didn't win the debates, blah, blah, blah. I'm gonna need an original copy of that birth certificate....

And today after doubling down and tripling down on those comments about 47% of Americans being  dependent on government, Mitt Romney now says he was wrong. This man obviously thinks people are stupid and have very short memories. Not surprised that he will say anything and do anything he can to win. He will take the most politically expedient opinion he can in order to get votes. In front of the silver spoon and country club set he expresses disdain for 47% of us who don't pay taxes. In front of working people in the swing state of Virginia, he says his 47% comments were wrong. I'm not looking for the real Mitt Romney to stand up, I just want his ass to go away.

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